Supantha Mandal

Supantha Mandal

Kolkata, India
Date : 23/03/2020
Supantha Mandal's Experience

Hello Guys! My name is Supantha. I have been suffering from prostatitis from a very long time. It started in May 2013. It is 2020 now. I have been suffering for almost 7 years. The disease totally breaks you mentally, emotionally and gives you depression.

My treatment comprised of many antibiotics. Antibiotics were not useful as my bacteria was resistant to antibiotics. I was on IV intravenous antibiotics which did not eradicate the infection. Initially my treatment was with Levofloxacin 750, after which I was given Nitrofurantoin 100 for 1 month. Initially it helped but the subsequent cultures showed bacterial resistance to these antibiotics. I was given Amikacin and Gentamicin in intramuscular injections mode. After that it still didn’t work, I was given IV intravenous Carbapenem group Imipenem and Meropenem. I also tried Fosfomycin for many days with horrible side effects. I did all these antibiotic treatments and it gave temporary symptomatic relief, but it never eradicated the infection.

I tried ayurvedic medicine for 2 years. That also failed. Ayurvedic treatment did help me symptomatically but it had side effects. I tried homeopathy also, it was not efficient in killing the bacteria. Allopathy and ayurvedic medicines completely affects your liver and your gastrointestinal tract. I also considered going to China for 3d injections but it is a high risk procedure. I really tried so much by my research but all failed.

My symptoms were burning perineum, burning urination. I had difficulty in sitting with this disease. Finally one day I saw Pranav’s experience with Prostatitis which was very similar to mine. I contacted him and he has helped me so much. He is a gem of a person. I am really grateful to him and I appreciate his noble work of helping others by means of Vitalis Phage Therapy. I am grateful to Eliava Phage Therapy Center and the doctors there for providing this treatment to me. I have finished 2 rounds of phages. My symptoms are 50 percent better. Phage therapy has reduced the burning and pain. I can sit for long time. Burning is less intense after taking phage treatment. It is more tolerable now, earlier it was unbearable. Phages have eradicated one strain of bacteria. There is still pathogenic bacteria left which I hope to get rid of it soon with the next round of phage therapy. My experience will be complete after my third round of bacteriophages. I hope to update it to 100 percent soon in coming months.

My contact details are with Pranav, and if anyone would like to know more about my experience, you can contact me. I pray to God that people who are in need can take treatment with phage therapy as antibiotic resistant infection are on rise. I will write and share my update after my 3rd round of phages. Till then may God bless you guys who are reading and my friend Pranav.