Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

Hyderabad, India
Date : 12/11/2019
Sai Kiran's Experience

Hi I am Sai Kiran from Hyderabad. My prostatitis condition started back in February 2017 with symptoms like frequent urination and urethral burning. I went to a urologist, and after getting Ecoli in urine culture he said it is UTI then prescribed some antibiotics which didn’t work for me. A few weeks later after a Cystoscopy, he said it is severe cystitis and again gave me antibiotics. I was even on Intravenous antibiotics for 5 days. None of these worked and I was fed up and went for homeopathic medicine which alleviated symptoms little, but the source of infection was not addressed. It was now suffering for a year. Then in 2018 July, I used ayurvedic medicine, which worked same like homeopathic medicine.

Well there were a lot of moments I lost my hope in getting cured from this irritating condition. It really effects you physically and mentally, and due to this condition I got low back pain. Then I started my research again. Back in 2017, I did research but I couldn’t get a solution to this. All I read was that you have to live life long with this condition and that’s exactly what even my ayurvedic doc said. One day I came across a the word ‘phage therapy’. I started searching about phage therapy and finally landed on the page where you are now.

Then in February 2019 I contacted Pranav Johri and when we had our first talk, he said that phage therapy could help. Then next goal was to get the prostate fluid sample which couldn’t happen after trying for few weeks with the doctors here. I finally had to send only semen sample to Georgia. Enterococcus faecalis came positive in test result which is pathogenic bacteria along with Citrobacter koseri which is non-pathogenic. Intesti phage, to which Enterococcus is sensitive was sent to me as three months course in May 2019.

I was not getting much improvement, say I got 30% relief after two months of course then after some talks and discussions with my local doctor, I had to undergo circumcision procedure for my phimosis condition which was causing reinfection for me. After one and half months gap I completed the last month course of phages this time my symptoms got alleviate much better than previous two months, almost 60% improvement. Urine frequency come down, urethral burning happens very rarely and soreness got reduced.

Well now in Nov 2019, I am going for full three months course again as my symptoms are not fully eradicated, as suggested by doctor from Eliava phage therapy center. I hope in coming months I get fully treated from prostatitis condition. Thanks to Pranav Johri, without him this treatment would not be easy to access, and Eliava Phage Therapy Center.

Update : 28/06/2020
After finishing the second round of phages, I have tested the semen for bacterial culture as well as analysis. Culture report shows no bacteria growth and analysis report shows no presence of WBC indicating the infection as gone. The doctor from Eliava Phage Therapy Center agrees after seeing the test reports that absence of WBC shows infection is not there anymore. Few weeks back I had a flare up – urinary burning was bothering me. What I observed was that when I stopped having tea and coffee, that symptom reduced gradually and now it is very mild. I have to undergo pelvic floor physical therapy to become 100% symptom free because of the spasm of my pelvic floor muscles, but the root cause of my condition which was the infection has cleared with the phages. Thank you Pranav Johri and Eliava Phage Therapy Center.