Nishant Mangla

Delhi, India
Date : 20/12/2021
Nishant Mangla's Experience

Hi this is Nishant, a 32 year old male from Delhi. For me prostatitis started in January 2018 wherein I started feeling a weird symptom : a ball-like feeling in my perineum and burning sensation at the tip of my penis. I went to our family doctor and he prescribed a topical cream to be applied at tip of the penis. There was no relieve even after 15 days. Gradually more symptoms popped up like increased urine frequency and lower abdomen pain. I got a sense that this is something serious. I went to a urologist and he diagnosed it as a UTI and assured me it to be a temporary problem and will be resolved in few weeks. He asked me to do a Urine Culture and Urine Routine test. I went to the local labs for the testing and result showed up E coli. On the basis of the Urine Culture result, I took antibiotics for 15 days but it did not help and my symptoms were same as before. I went to another urologist who again prescribed me more antibiotics. These cycles of antibiotics repeated for almost 6 months but now it was hard for me to keep taking antibiotics as none of them were helping. I went to another Urologist and he suggested me to take IV antibiotics to see if that helps. I was so eager to get this condition and its symptoms out of my life, and I took 10 days of IV antibiotics Amikacin. Unfortunately, that didn’t helped either.

I was so frustrated with these symptoms and taking antibiotics that I decided to stop taking antibiotics as they were causing more issues of digestive problems rather than resolving the urinary symptoms. After 2 years of suffering, I was searching for a solution other than antibiotics and I met Pranav. He told me that my condition could be Prostatitis as he had undergone the same in his life. I was shocked to hear that as I was under the impression that prostate problems mainly occur in old age. Pranav suggested me to collect the prostate fluid and send it to Eliava Institute for further testing. But there was a challenge as no doctor would easily do a prostate massage and collect prostate fluid. Searching for a Doctor and the COVID situation lead to more delay and I continued suffering from this disease. Finally in October 2020, I heard that Vitalis had started testing with phages in New Delhi. I got an appointment in December 2020 and the testing was done. I was shocked to see 3 bacteria’s in my testing results -Proteus Mirabilis , Klebisella Pneumonia and Staphylococcus haemolyticus. So finally , after 3 years I knew I am suffering from Prostatitis and not a simple “UTI”. I started phage therapy in March 2021. Phages were given to me as oral phages and rectal phage suppositories. As of today , December 2021 I have completed two rounds of phages and I can say that I am 80% symptom free. My reports look healthier compared to one year ago. I am not 100% cured as a small level of leukocytes are still showing in my tests, but I can say that phages does gives alternate solution for antibiotic resistance bacteria. I would like to thank Pranav for what he is doing because only a person who has himself faced this situation can know how mind boggling and difficult this disease is.

My contact information is with Pranav if anyone needs to know more about my experience, you can call me. I am happy to help!