Krishna Arjun

Krishna Arjun

Chennai, India
Date : 02/10/2019
Krishna Arjun's Experience

Hello! My name is Arjun, and I’m 27 years old. My intention for writing the following is to share my experience from dealing with a chronic disease I’ve been suffering from, called Epididymitis, and to also raise awareness of the dangers of bacteria presently. Epididymitis refers to an infection of the Epididymis which is located amongst the male reproductive organs. I would like to declare that I am not a medical professional in any way, but I would like to mention that the following is written from the authority of a person(myself) suffering from a debilitating disease.

I started to feel persistent symptoms of the disease in the month of September 2018, and the symptoms I had were a constant pain in the scrotal area and severe fatigue. I was not able to do anything because of it. I had no idea as to what condition I was dealing with, and I obviously went to a hospital to get it checked by a doctor. The hospital had done various tests and were unable to find the cause of the problem, but the symptoms were so bad that I kept going to doctors determined to find an answer. I really want to mention the fact that all though I went to a good hospital, the type of care that I received was pathetic because of the fact that they could not pinpoint what the problem was for a long time even though I went for check-ups almost every week. I also tried consulting numerous doctors elsewhere without any success in finding out the problem. I do not want to mention the name of any hospitals or doctors because I believe the majority of hospitals and doctors in our country are like this. I am incredibly angered by this incompetence, because the root problem could have definitely been found out rather simply if our doctors dealt with me openly and professionally.

I had no other choice but to continue to go to the doctors to find the cause of the problem, and one doctor successfully found out what the problem was. It was an infection of the Epididymis, and it was such a relief to find out what the problem was after a long time of searching. Then the doctor had prescribed a course of specific antibiotics for each strain of bacteria which was present in my body. Unfortunately, I completed the course of antibiotics, but my symptoms had not improved even slightly. I still had constant pain and felt incredibly fatigued. I was then prescribed another course of antibiotics, and my symptoms still did not improve even slightly. I continued to take several courses of antibiotics and also took them in a more direct form intravenously for a period of time all without any improvement at all. I also knew that taking too many antibiotics will not be good for my health as it also kills the essential bacteria in the system. At one point in time I felt incredibly desperate to get better from this condition but did not know what else to do because the antibiotics did not help my condition. I pray that no one goes through this difficulty, but it is a truth to accept for myself however, I was not going to give up on myself.

One day I came across a blog written by an individual named Pranav; who had also suffered with a similar condition. He too, had experienced no success with antibiotics, however he had mentioned something about phage therapy and how he had managed to get better with it. Pranav had also started an organization called Vitalis Phage Therapy in order to help people from India who suffer with infections which are not responding to antibiotics. This for me was like finding a gold mine since I had no other solution to my problem. So, I contacted him, and he spoke to me about his experience and how phage therapy helped him with his infection, and he gave me information on how and where I could get treated with the help of phage. I also learned that getting treated with phage for infectious diseases has no side effects to the body, unlike antibiotics. Phage are natural predators of bacteria and do not interfere with anything else in the body other than the specific strain of bacteria it consumes.

I soon did the needful and flew to Tbilisi, Georgia where phage is administered to the public for the treatment of any common infection. There, I started my treatment right away in a well-known institute called Eliava Phage Therapy Centre where they treat bacterial infections effectively with phage.

I started to get treated with the phages as soon as I reached Tbilisi, and my plan was to stay there for about 3 weeks. The urologist there had advised me to take a culture test after 2 weeks of treatment; the results of the culture test was quite a relief to me because the infection had reduced. I also came to know that I am in the right road to recovery from the disease. I came back home after 3 weeks in Tbilisi with the phages which had been prescribed to me for treatment, and the idea was to finish the course of treatment and take another culture test to see the results and plan my treatment accordingly

I found that the treatment was very effective in clearing out most of the infection. The latest test results show that phages have completely eradicated a particular strain of bacteria and the other bacteria have significantly reduced in number. I am relieved with the results from taking the treatment with phages and I am on the path to complete recovery and I also know for a fact that it will not take a long time, considering the tests which have shown improvement.